Patient & Family Engagement

Put patients, families and providers on the same page for care with Safe & Sound Checklists and Tools. How

Patient Safety

Prevent HACs and readmissions with a Safe & Sound “checklist education” for patients and families. How

Positive Patient Experiences

Enhance your care with simple facts, a friendly tone and warm images–the core of Safe & Sound Tools. Why

Safe & Sound™ Tools for Care Providers

Recent News


QSEN Endorses Safe & Sound Nursing Tools

QSEN (Quality and Safety Education for Nursing) Director, Dr. Mary Dolansky, announces endorsement of PartnerHealth’s Safe & Sound nursing curriculum for schools... Read More →

Karen Curtiss Gives Keynote at UCSF

PartnerHealth President, Karen Curtiss addresses area-wide med surg nurses at their annual conference hosted by UCSF in San Francisco.... Read More →

Safe & Sound Curriculum Launches at Western Washington State

Dr. Casey Shillam introduces PartnerHealth’s Safe & Sound Nursing Tools curriculum at the start of Spring term with a surprise visit from... Read More →

Why Partner with PartnerHealth?

Patient stories often inspire patient-centered care practices. Safe & Sound tools were inspired by 3 stories from one family: the family of Partnerhealth’s president, Karen Curtiss. Our tools transform these tragedies into Safe & Sound™ solutions for you … and yours. (More)
From students, to patients and families, to nurses, doctors and community, we offer practical tools to advance safe & sound care. How? With a platform of common information, language, expectations and tools. Why? Safe & Sound partnerships–the best patient experience of all. (More)
PartnerHealth’s Safe & Sound tools complements communication skills fostered by other great programs, with a special emphasis on fully engaging patients’ family member Care Partners to help prevent HACs and readmissions. (More)
A subscription to PartnerHealth’s Patient Portal offers quick, simple Safe & Sound checklists for patients ands families to use before, during and after a hospital stay–wrapped in warm messaging–for which you may take credit and brand as your own. Why? It’s our way to help you build healthy partnerships with the patients and communities you serve. (More)

Partner with us for this triple aim:

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