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Our Mission

Patients, their families, and all care providers will be “on the same page” for patient safety with our Safe & Sound checklists and tools. Their collaboration will ensure…

safe and sound processPatients are spared preventable harm during hospital stays

safe and sound processEvery patient is fully supported in recovery at home.

Your goals, too?

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Our Team is Your Team: We’re ‘All About’ Partnerships

Karen Aydt Curtiss

Karen Curtiss

Safe & Sound Content & Tools Development, Trainer, Speaker
Lynne Grenier

Lynne Grenier

Safe & Sound Friendly Design and Feel, Print Production
Mary Foley RN PhD

Mary Foley RN PhD

Curriculum Co-Developer, Trainer, Speaker
Sue McWilliams

Sue McWilliams RN MSN

Curriculum Co-Developer


Galia Alonso, MRSA survivor, consultant on Safe & Sound content translation into “everyday” Spanish language

Vik Anantha, President, PeerHealth

Madeleine Boysen, Lyme Disease warrior

Ellen Brzytwa RN MSN MPH, Health Care Consultant, Trustee, The Cleveland Clinic

Phillip Carling MD, Clinical Professor of Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine

Mary Dolansky RN PhD, Director, QSEN Institute (Quality and Safety Education for Nurses), Assoc. Professor, Case Western

Lisa Meers Gregory, Care Partner to family member who required frequent hospital care

Libby Hoy, Mother to 3 sons with mitochondrial disease, CEO/Founder, PFCC Partners, leaders in helping hospitals recruit, train and sustain Patient and Family Advisory Councils (PFACs)

Michael Millenson, Author, Demanding Medical Excellence: Doctors and Accountability in the Information Age, Consultant, Health Quality Advisors

Carolyn Oliver MD,  Founder, Oliver Center for Patient Safety, University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB)

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