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PartnerHealth Marketing Tools

Communication Tools for Sharing Checklists Resources 

PartnerHealth offers a wide range of communication tools to help subscribers “spread the word” about their education resources for patients, families, staff — and the local communities they serve.

All communication tools are downloadable and offered free of charge with every subscription. They carry the Safe & Sound signature look and feel:

safe and sound processSimple Messages

safe and sound processFriendly Tone

safe and sound processWarm Graphics

We customize Safe & Sound communication tools with your logo, tagline, URL and any other distinctive brand identifiers you wish.

Layout 1Layout 1Safe & Sound Portal Poster


Have Ideas of Your Own?

Our in-house experts in communications and graphic design will tailor or create Safe & Sound messaging tools for your needs.

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  • Posters and tent cards with information about mobile and web checklist resources for patients, families, and staff
  • Sample mobile “push” messaging to promote use and features (such as calendar sync)
  •  Newsletter articles with quick tips related to checklist topics
  • Sample staff announcements about checklist resources and how to access
  • Intranet screen savers with graphics and text reminders about checklists
  • Icon links for EMR and other web pages giving patients quick access to checklists
  • Interactive Community Education Presentation
  • Sample Press Release  Announcing Mobile App and Website Checklist Resources for the local service area



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