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Bill Aydt, married 51 years, father to 6, grandfather to 10, avid golfer, community volunteer, friend to many.

Alex, aged 10, misdiagnosis





Karen Curtiss with Bill Clinton at the 2015 Patient Safety Movement Summit where both were invited speakers.







My dad, Bill, received the rare gift of a new lung to cure a rare disease — but he never left the hospital.  For seven long months, Dad battled back from a cascade of “Never Events” that started with a fall: VAP, DVT, a PE, two rounds of c.Diff and MRSA, and a stage 4 bed sore.

About 8 weeks after we buried dad, my husband underwent “routine surgery” and nearly succumbed to sepsis and a VRE infection. And then… our 10-year old son was misdiagnosed with appendicitis.

Our family followed conventional wisdom: If you ever need a hospital stay, take someone with you.

We learned the hard way that nothing in life prepares us to navigate hospital care
for the people we love. My father paid the ultimate price.

I founded CampaignZERO to  help other families. Our simple checklists, vetted by medical experts, quickly detail what to watch for,  what to do and when to speak up to help prevent the most common Never Events.

It’s mission critical that we inform and engage families “in the moment”,  at bedside,
when their loved ones need them most.

With support from PartnerHealth, CampaignZERO continues  to reach out to patients and families. Feedback from our checklist users, and those who have participated in our community events, has been incredibly heart-warming.

Please share CampaignZERO with your own family and friends. Join us on Facebook and Twitter, too!

Thank you and kind regards,

, Founder

Families for Patient Safety

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