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Safe & Sound Endorsed by Health Care Leaders

With simple checklists and a warm tone, Safe & Sound in the Hospital informs and supports family and nursing partnerships for patients’ best care – from admission through recovery at home. It’s the most patient-centered, family friendly, resource every hospital should offer to every patient and family.
Mary E. Foley RN, PhD
Director, Center for Nursing Research and Innovation, UCSF School of Nursing
(Past President) American Nurses Association
Safe & Sound in the Hospital is both compassionate and knowledgeable, presenting actionable information in an easy-to-understand manner that enables families and patients to be good partners with providers in their care.
Michael Millenson
Author, Demanding Medical Excellence: Doctors and Accountability in the Information Age, President, Health Quality Advisors
I’m responsible for negotiating benefits for over 100,000 employees, retirees and family members who count on me to watch out for their health and well-being. As a nurse, I know that Safe & Sound in the Hospital is a common-sense resource that will help prevent HACs and readmissions. In my view, offering this book to our employees when they are hospitalized is simply the responsible thing to do.
Catherine Dodd RN, PhD
Director, Health Service System
City and County of San Francisco
The Safe & Sound Family Engagement Process is brilliant. I am pleased that the Oliver Center for Patient Safety and Quality Health Care at UTMB is working to ensure its use for patients. I appreciate the care that PartnerHealth takes to ensure the material is accurate and current. I feel privileged to be part of the first “scrub team on Safe & Sound content.

The good will alone that will be fostered in sharing Safe & Sound materials with patients and their families is priceless, but there is as much value in the fact that Safe & Sound tools instill tangible practices to the concept of patient-centered care.

Carolyn Oliver MD
Founder and Medical Director
Oliver Center for Patient Safety

People are no longer satisfied being ‘patient’ in their health care experience.  It is up to each of us to find our voice in order to partner with the health care team. Safe & Sound in the Hospital does a brilliant job of helping people find their voice, understand how important it is to communicate and how to do that in a productive, positive way.
Robin Shapiro
Vice President, Allied Health Advocates LLC
Safe & Sound in the Hospital breaks new ground by placing a vital safety strategy of putting checklists into the hands of patients and their advocates.
Julia A. Hallisy
Founder, The Empowered Patient Coalition
SAFE AND SOUND IN THE HOSPITAL should be in the hands of every person and their care partners who enter a hospital or other health care facility. It provides health care consumers with information and methods based on the latest science to prevent or resolve quality of care and safety problems occurring in health care settings. A wonderful gift idea as well!
Ellen Canepa Brzytwa RN, MSN, MPH
Health Care Quality Consultant, Hospital Trustee
The elimination of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI’s) and other preventable medical errors remains among the highest priorities of the health care industry, as well as one of the industry’s most significant challenges.

The Safe & Sound approach to educating patients’ families regarding the possible sources of HAI’s and coordination of care failures that lead to medical complications is sensitve, straightforward, and easy to understand. The recommended action steps toward prevention are simple, practical, and most importantly, effective. Karen Curtiss [author, President of PartnerHealth] is truly an Advocate for all of us who will one day find ourselves assisting a loved one through a hospital stay or personally living through that same experience. Our probability of a favorable outcome will be much greater as a result of her efforts.

Ray Mulligan
Sr. Vice President
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois
Karen Curtiss has harnessed the power of checklists to present a compilation of information that is both useful and inspirational for hospital patients and their families. Safe & Sound in the Hospital is a practical tool that can help make any hospital stay go more smoothly.
Helen Haskell
Founder, Mothers Against Medical Error
This is so much more than a book – it’s a breakthrough innovation that will transform how patients and their loved ones ensure their hospital stay is safer than ever before. This puts the care back in healthcare!
Bill Thatcher
Executive Director, Cautious Patient Foundation
Safe & Sound in the Hospital is an outstanding patient centered resource. It is written clearly and concisely with real time guidance. It’s a mission-essential for patients’ families who want and need guidance from the voice of someone who has been in their shoes.
Dr. Lisa DePasquale PT, DSc, ECS
(retired) Lt. Commander, US Navy
Safe & Sound in the Hospital is a critical life support system. It is an inspirational navigator for patients and families that can guide them through dangerous waters and makes them a fully vested partner on their care team. It is respectful and acknowledges the mind-body-spirit connection so important to healing. Our goal as caregivers and as families is to create the greatest number of healing moments along the trajectory of each patient. Safe & Sound in the Hospital empowers each of us to play a role in those healing moments.
Charles R. Denham MD, Chairman, Texas Medical Institute of Technology (TMIT), Chairman, Global Patient Safety Forum




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