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Managing Health Care On Your Own Can Feel Overwhelming

We are board-certified Health Care Managers who partner with our clients to ensure their healthcare is fully informed, streamlined, and mindfully managed.


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Common Concerns

We Commonly Resolve

Hospital Stay/Discharge Support, Coordinate Care Post-Discharge

Coordinating Care Among Drs., Finding Specialist Care

Diagnoses, Treatments, 2nd Opinions, Clinical Trials

Senior Living Options, Quality, Costs, Insurance

Advance Care Planning and Directives, Documentation

Book/Prep for Dr.appts., Accompany to Dr.appts.

Insurance/Medical Bills: Coverages, Charges, Errors

Medication Administration, Safety, Efficacy, Cost

"When my friend, Kate, was diagnosed with a very rare cancer, her insurance didn't cover the specialists she urgently needed. PartnerHealth swung into action to find the right policy for her. They also connected Kate with a woman who survived the same cancer, as well as to a support organization that offers free massage and nutrition counseling for cancer care. PartnerHealth went above and beyond for Kate, who lived 3.5 years longer than her first doctor predicted because they helped her get the right care."

Carol, Hinsdale

"My mother was taking 15 prescriptions and seeing half a dozen doctors, suffering in constant, excruciating pain. She was on a merry-go-round of doctor appointments and never got any relief. Cathy [at PartnerHealth] reviewed mom's medications and recommended we talk to her doctors about discontinuing some, which they did. Mom's pain improved tremendously. Apparently some were working against each other and weren't improving her condition in any other ways, either. We are so grateful Cathy caught the mistakes and Mom got some real pain relief."

R.M.,  Barrington

"After my stroke, I moved to be closer to my daughter. I had no idea how to find the best doctors for me, and I was worried about where to go if I had another stroke. Thanks to PartnerHealth, I am in great hands with doctors I love and emergency services I trust. My daughter and I are both so relieved to have a good team."

Helen, Wilmette


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