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Assemble, organize, double-check and update all medical records

Incomplete records and errors jeopardize safe care

Doctors and hospitals rely on records to help make diagnoses and recommendations for your care. When these are incomplete or have errors, care suffers and patients bear the conseqences.

Despite medical providers’ best efforts, medical records are not 100% accurate. It is  up to patients to keep their own, especially critical  if they see doctors from different health care systems, enjoy travel or have more than one home.

Accurate records are so important that we at PartnerHealth start most collaboration with clients by checking their records for accuracy and completeness because, when it comes to precious health,  a double check = double peace of mind.

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Medication Reconciliation

Multiple documents and muliple medications can cause unintended results

Patients often take medications prescribed by several different doctors. It’s common, too, for patients to take non-prescription medicines, vitamins and supplements they choose, themselves,  at their local drugstores, too.  The combination of all these health remedies can impact how prescription drugs work, often with unintended effects.

A thorough medication review with PartnerHealth’s medication specialist can spot potentially harmful drug interactions or complications to bring to doctors’ attention for solutions – and safe care!

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Research Diagnoses and Treatment Options

Good News, Bad News: Medicine is Smart and the Care Options are Endless

Conventional wisdom tells us that every diagnosis should be confirmed with a 2nd opinion. If only it was that simple! Where to go? Who’s reliable? What do I do if the 2nd opnion is different? And then… once you feel confident you have the correct diagnosis, different doctors may have recommended different treatments – or maybe they’re leaving it entirely up to you to decide!  How does anyone make sense of it all?  We’ve developed a systematic process that’s proven to help patients go from “crazed” to confident with their medical care decsions. Everyone does better with a clear head and PartnerHealth for support.

Coordinate Care Among Multiple Medical Providers

Specialty Care is Special… and Especially Risky

Sometimes it takes a village to keep track of one patient’s doctors and what they do. But who’s keeping all the doctors up to date on the whole patient? Frankly, no one is. Too often,  that’s a problem!

While electronic medical records help, not all records are available to all your doctors, even in the same system. And besides, how many doctors actually have  time to thoroughly digest patient records when they are under pressure to keep patient visits short?

Every patient needs a quarterback for their care, and when families can’t fill that role, we offer specalized skills to make sure doctors are kept abreast of the whole patient they treat, not just the specal part they know.

Could you use a quarterback for your care?

Adria Gross

Research Senior Living Options, Quality, Costs and Insurance Coverages

Home is Where the Heart Feels Safe and Snug

Most of us have bought and rented homes throughout our lives with multiple criteria top-of-mind. However, it’s likely that none of those decisions also factored in additonal concerns that speak to the very heart of how we derive peace of mind: wellness, safe physical care, immediate access to health care if needed, and the opportunity for personal connection and belonging.

Choosing a new home in a senior community  can be overwhelming and emotional for the individual and their family.  We help clients identify good options, and evaluate them on all criteria so the final choice is one that fits – for both head and heart.

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Adria Gross

Plan for Hospital Discharge and Post-Discharge Recovery

20% of Patients End Up Back in the Hospital Within a Month

No one wants a hospital round trip, yet they’re all too common, mostly due to lack of follow-through care after discharge. Even when patients avoid a repeat hospital stay, they are vulnerble. Follow-up care is always needed and support care for daily living can be critical for patient safety.

Often family members or friends aren’t available to help. We can step in to be present during those critical hospital discharge conversations, and to coordinate care and services for a safe recovery. We make sure nothing falls through the cracks so patients and their loved ones can focus on healing moments together.

How may we support your safe care?

Adria Gross

Review Insurance Coverages and Medical Bills

25% of Banruptcies are Due to Medical Bills  – and 70% of Hospital Bills Have Errors

Insurance policies are incredibly complex and the final choice rests on a lot of “what if’s”–  which most of us can’t even imagine. The decision can feel fraught: the wrong choice in coverage could cost dearly, especially if medical bills are laden with errors. With deep industry expertise,  we help clients evaluate their options and analyze all the “what if’s” to help make sure that a health care crisis will not result in a financial crisis, as well.

For your peace of mind…

Adria Gross

Arrange Care Guardianship for Solo and Independent Seniors

Peace of Mind from Mindful Planing 

As we age, it’s natural to worry about how our care will be managed when we are no longer able to fully engage in decisions. Those who are alone, or who don’t want to burden their families, often benefit from guided conversations with us to assemble the legal documents and weigh issues raised in each. The result is peace of mind that personal wishes and goals will always be respected, even if personal agency is diminished.

Adria Gross


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